November 14, 2019
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  Resellers - ISPs, VISPs and VARS

Despatches family of turnkey mail servers and centrally hosted email infrastructures provide the ideal opportunity for resellers, ISPs, VISPs and VARs alike to generate a long-term income base by deploying resilient email solutions with improved security, features and life expectancy.

Apply to join Despatches Laboratories' Partner Programme by sending an cover to email : with a brief introduction to your organisation.

Alternatively visit: partner programme

Protect clients by integrating email redundancy and interruption programmes with Despatches' full disaster recovery & reinstatement planning. Improved service and security, adding feature and value while protecting resources form the core values of all products.

Contact Despatches Laboratories to discover how superior email resources attract new business and elevate existing client relationships.

Login to the Partner Programme to explore the range of products and service options. OEM and Brand supplies can also be provided through the Partner Programme




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