November 14, 2019
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  Partner programme

Apply to join Despatches Laboratories' Partner Programme by sending an cover to email : with a brief introduction to your organisation.

Alternatively visit: partner programme

Despatches Partner Programme

  • Train your sales people, customer care team and technical sales staff to effectively sell and deploy Despatches.
  • Drive market awareness of your company's position as a Despatches reseller.
  • Achieve high market penetration by collaborating on marketing plans with Despatches.
  • Stand out from the sheep in the competitive landscape by providing high performance quality email solutions.
  • Capitalize on the Despatches Web presence.
  • Access the most current and up-to-date Despatches information, services and tools online.
  • Arm your developer group or community with Despatches' quick-to-market development tools and support.
  • Co-Brand with Despatches to capitilise on your established products and services

All this, and more from..... Despatches Partner Program



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